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White Industries Custom Logo Service
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Laser Logo Service Laser Logo Setup Charge (One Time) TKF10 Front Fixed Gear Track Hub
Laser Logo Service
Price: $2.50
Setup Cost: $5.00
First logo (one hub): $7.50 ($5.00 setup + $2.50 logo)
Each additional logo: $2.50

We charge a one-time logo set up fee for new logos. This fee covers modifying your logo for use with the laser, consulting with you in case the logo needs to be changed, and testing the logo on a hub shell. The fee is not charged until you are satisfied. You can choose not to go forward and you will not be charged.
Bitex TKR10 Rear Fixed Gear Track Hub Bitex DH20M Front Hub Bitex RAF12 Front Road Hub

Bitex RAF16N Bitex BX106F Front Center Lock Disc Hub Bitex BX201FG Front Disc Hub (6-Bolt)
Bitex RAF16N
Price: $64.99
Bitex MTF15/20 Front Disc Hub Bitex FB135 FatBike Front Disc Hub Bitex BX212F Front Boost CenterLock Disc Hub
BX211F Boost - Front Disc Hub Bitex FB150 Front FatBike Disc Hub - 15x150mm Bitex RAR12 Rear Road Hub
Shutter Precision PD-8 Bitex BX106R Rear Centerlock Disc Hub Bitex MTR Rear ISO 6 Bolt Hub
  • 6-Bolt Disc
  • QR x 100
  • 6-volt / 3-watt
  • 420 grams
Bitex BX211R Boost - Rear Disc Hub (6 Bolt) Bitex BX212R Rear Boost CenterLock Disc Hub Bitex BX108R (27t) Rear Center Lock Disc Hub

Shutter Precision PD-8X White Industries T11 Front Bitex FB170 Rear FatBike - 32 hole
  • 6-Bolt Disc
  • 15 x 100 (also includes QRx100 adapter)
  • 6 volt / 3 watt
  • 420 grams
Bitex FB190 FatBike Rear Bitex BX213R ISO 6B SuperBoost Hub Bitex BX103R Road Hub
Shutter Precision PD-8X Boost Shutter Precision PD-7 White Industries CLD Front
  • 6-Bolt Disc
  • 15 x 110 Boost
  • 6 volt / 3 watt
  • 450 grams
  • 6-Bolt Disc
  • 12 x100 thru
  • 6 volt / 3 watt
  • 412 grams