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Spoke Lengths

To calculate spokes, we recommend Wheel Pro's reliable and easy to use spoke calculator. We can also help you calculate spoke lengths or double-check your calculations. Just send us an email to with the components and lacing you plan to use and we will get back to you shortly. We do not, however, guarantee the spoke lengths - even ones we may recommend, and will only accept returns of completely unused spokes that are in absolutely new condition. That said, the spoke calculators are very reliable and very few customers have ended up with the wrong spoke lengths.

If you need a spoke wrench, check out the Unior Spoke Wrench, arguably the best available. And don't forget the CX Ray Spoke Key, which will help you hold the CX Rays in place while you add tension.
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Sapim CX-Sprint Bladed Spoke - $2.40 Sapim CX-Ray - Silver - J-Bend - $2.80 Sapim CX-Ray - Black - J-Bend
Sapim CX-Ray - Silver - Straight Pull Spoke - $3.10 Sapim CX-Ray - Black - Straight Pull Spoke - $3.25 Sapim CX-Ray - White
Sapim CX-Ray Spoke Key
Price: $19.95